Bell Star GP Automotive Ultra Series Helmet

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Bell Star GP Automotive Ultra Series Helmet

Product Description

The advanced Star GP continues the Bell tradition of developing next-generation aerodynamic helmets that deliver stability at high-speeds in a compact, ultra-lightweight design. Developed with feedback from the world’s best F1, Indy Car and Karting drivers, the SAH2010 Star GP is the helmet of choice for open wheel and formula racers.

The Star GP features an ultra-lightweight carbon composite shell, high-tech aggressive styling and a pro-plus style interior that provides superior comfort. The pro-plus interior delivers a custom interior fit by combining Bell’s soft plush-density fit pad system, contoured cheek-grip pad system to reduce movement and integrated collar that is designed to fully support the driver’s lower jaw bone area. In addition, the Star GP incorporates an industry-leading ventilation system that maximizes airflow inside the helmet. Star GP’s air intake force-injects airflow into the helmet’s forehead vents in a wide dispersion pattern to cool a greater surface area on the inside of the helmet. The helmet’s upper direct-flow chin bar vents and lower ram-air chin bar vents combine to deliver maximum airflow to the front of the helmet for additional cooling and to prevent shield fogging.

The Star GP has been designed to work with Bell’s aero kits to configure the helmet for all open wheel and open compartment forms of racing depending on aerodynamic requirements and racing environment. While the Star GP has a front aero lip and chin bar designed into the helmet, these aerodynamic kits enhance helmet performance to provide greater stability at higher speeds. The aerodynamic kits include top wicker gurneys which create an air separation point on the top of the helmet to allow airflow to detach from the helmet reducing buffeting, chin bar gurneys which add down force to the front of the helmet to prevent lift and rear spoilers that improve overall helmet stability. Because of the way airflow accelerates at higher speeds, Bell recommends using larger size gurneys at lower relative speeds and medium or smaller gurneys as speeds increase. The Star GP comes with a .190mm air intake as standard equipment that can be replaced as necessary. Bell makes a .160mm air intake (sold separately) for high-speed configurations. The aero kits attach with double sided adhesive that holds aggressively to the shell yet can be removed easily without damaging the helmet’s finish.

The Star GP is certified to the Snell SAH2010 standard which requires the helmet to be tested to the Snell SA2010 standard plus additional testing for use with Head and Neck Restraint Devices. Bell is the first company in the industry to certify helmets to the Snell SAH2010 standard. Bell’s M6 terminal hardware is incorporated into the helmet and accepts Head and Neck Restraint anchor system hardware. (We recommend consulting with the Head and Neck Restraint manufacturer to select an anchor system that allows the user to index the hardware in the proper location for use with the device.) The Snell SAH2010 standard is compatible with FIA8858-2010 and is recognized by the FIA for use outside of North America.

The Star GP takes a 287 SRV Shield which features the SRV-1 pivot system and thumb tab on the drivers left side to allow for easy shield operation. Each helmet comes with a clear shield and Bell visor strip as standard equipment. The Star GP also features Bell’s redesigned face piece with recessed areas that allow for seamless radio integration and easy installation. Racers can also customize the fit of the Star GP by using Bell’s Cheek Pad Inserts in 5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm sizes to tighten the fit in the cheek area. In addition, replacement face piece kits are available for the Star GP in the event the front interior chin piece needs to be replaced. The helmet is available in White and Rubberized Matte Black finish – the rubberized surface is more resistant to finger prints and smudges than traditional flat finishes.

Customers buying the Star GP also may be interested in accessory items including an anti-fog double screen shield insert to eliminate fogging in high humidity environments, chin cover seals (small and large) that seal the bottom chin bar area of the helmet and a breath deflector which installs at the top of the chin bar and directs breath downward to prevent shield fogging.

Bell Star GP Specs:

• High-Speed Advanced Aerodynamic Styling
• Force-Inject Air Intake Forehead Ventilation System
• Direct-Flow Upper Chin Bar Ventilation 
• Ram-Air Lower Chin Bar Ventilation
• Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Composite Shell Technology
• Standard Eyeport
• Positive Seal Visor System 
• Recessed Face Piece for Seamless Radio Integration
• Available in White and Rubberized Matte Black 
• 287/3MM SRV Shield (SRV-1 Pivot System)
• E-Max Plus Multi Density Liner
• Pro-Plus Style Custom-Fit Interior System
• M6 Terminal Hardware for Head & Neck Restraint Device Anchor Systems
• Compatible with the FIA8858-2010 Standard
• Snell SAH2010 Certification


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