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Unique combination of premium comfort and outstanding protection. For all type of racing when you are strapped in the seat. Kevlar tethers with limited stretch for extra free head movement still with maximum protection. Super comfortable fit with Nomex padding and collar bone relief area. The Leatt rear tether platform allows almost any riding position angel with out altering the fit and function. The MRX Pro comes standard with a neck fatigue collar. The device is tested and certified with and with out use of the fatigue collar.

For off-road and rally racing the collar is great. Damping out the bumpy head movements in tough terrain. And for co-drivers it is a must. Imagine a more relaxed feeling looking down in your notes on even the bumpiest roads!



Product Description

Head & Neck Restraint with unique comfort!

  • Unique combination of premium comfort and outstanding protection.
  • The new MRX Pro has improved SFI 38:1 test results due to the improved polymer chassis material
  • Flexible frame design for a greatly improved fit and comfort with optimum control of neck force reduction and head deceleration.
  • New increased collarbone relief area for improved fit and comfort.
  • Fire retardant Nomex® washable padding for vastly improved strapped‐in comfort and reduced harshness of helmet to brace impact.
  • New MRX Pro Foam collar included for fatigue reduction.
  • Single rear collar angle design for perfect fit and function with all seat angles and driver positions.
  • Seat belt channel, guiding the belt away from the soft tissues of the neck.
  • Kevlar fire retardant tethers for frontal and side impact protection
  • Optimized tether length for great head movement and maximum protection. Kevlar tethers that stretch only 2‐4%.
  • Sliding tether for improved field of vision, head movement and driver comfort
  • Fits over/under 2 and 3″ seat belts and helmets with Hans type anchor posts
  • Anchor post kit and anchor post nut wrench included
  • SFI 38.1 tested and approved for optimum protection ‐ With and without the use of an included Foam Collar

New MRX Pro Foam Collar

  • Unique option to reduce fatigue
  • Fire retardant Nomex® material
  • Added comfort during harsh riding conditions – Ideally suited for Rally/Off Road Drivers and co-pilots.
  • Leatt MRX Pro foam collar can help improve physical and mental performance due to reduction in fatigue
  • Foam collar included with the Leatt MRX Pro
  • The Leatt MRX Pro device is certified to be used with or without foam collar. Simply‐driver’s choice!