27th Apr 2018

Demystifying the facts About Increasing Performance in Engines with Motor Mounts

When you compare the functional component of any performance motor mounts with the remaining equipment counterparts, there is only a thin line of similarity. Supporting the engine and driveline in the chassis is where the similarity ends. With a plethora of features, any factory motor mount aids in dampening the vibration and noise of a normal engine operation which enhances your driving comfort. Being mostly made of metal, performance motor mounts act as brackets, attaching the car’s bay on one end and the engine on the other, keeping the engine in its specific location. Although they are similar in structure, they differ in appearance in pursuance of accommodating diverse engine layouts.

Being the leading supplier of AWR products, Offline Racing offers the best-in-class performance motor mounts for a myriad of vehicles. Offering diverse body styling kits, which encompasses suspension kits, shocks, braided brake lines, fasteners, and sway bars, we deliver everything to our valuable customers that range from engine mounts to suspensions to exhaust systems and even Ron Davies Radiators. We at Offline Racing take pride in delivering the premium quality custom made products that range from racing to various track days in pursuance of providing an added advantage to our customers.