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Red Line Synthetic Oil began creating lubricants for the racing industry in the late 70s. Today, Red Line Oil Products carries motor oils, gear oils, assembly lubes, fuel additives and cooling additive for your automobiles, motorcycles, and more. not only we sell the product, but we use Red Line Oil products in our winning championship cars.  Red Line Oil products stand up against heat and wear under tuff conditions.  Regardless of your type of car, Red Line has motor oils, automatic transmission fluids, rear end fluids, power steering fluids, radiator coolant additives, fuel additives, two stroke oils, suspension fluids and grease & assembly lube.  These products outperform and are the industry standard in fluids.  Red Line Oil name is recognized around the world in every type of motorsport to be the leading product for lubricants.  Racer has become accustomed to the reliability and increased horsepower gains to outperform their competitor.  It does not matter what type of racing or high performance activity, if it has an engine Red Line Oil products will be the choice of champions around the world. has been using Red Line Oil products for over 25 years in various race and street applications. Year after year we go back to the Red Line Oil product, because we know it works. As always we welcome our customers to contact us via phone, email, text or live chat to get all your questioned answered. Our biggest advertisement is our customers.